What is the Importance of Online Competitive Pricing?

Anil Prajapati
4 min readMar 17, 2022


About Competitive Pricing

The process of fixing the price of the product in accordance with competitors is known as competitive pricing. Competitive pricing requires manual price checks, either online or in-store. The latest price monitoring tool handles this challenge on a large scale, providing greater reach and quality of data than before.

What is the Importance of Product Pricing?

Since the early 1990s, when internet shopping became popular, there are various changes found in the retail industry. Consumers nowadays compare local shops with online shopping.

These developments have a big influence on how organizations should handle their promotion — and also which P’s in the marketing mix they should focus on. For most customers, one P has evolved as: price.

Google Insights

  • When choosing the brand or store to buy from, 87% of customers say “feeling they received a good bargain” is crucial to them.
  • When purchasing a product, 60% of internet users in the United States “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that pricing is more essential to them compared to the brand name.
  • The most common reason for uncertain tech customers to quit a brand is price.

Working of Price Monitoring Software

Collecting Data

Data is collected directly from competitor websites or marketplaces such as Google Shopping and Amazon using price monitoring software. Price, product name, marketing, categorization, and other information are frequently fetched. These characteristics can indeed be analyzed directly or utilized to match products.

Product Compatibility

Product matching is the method that compares your competitor’s data to the proper product in your inventory. Product matching is critical for generating important and truthful knowledge and, ultimately, implementing an effective competitive pricing strategy. Employing global identifiers like UPC or GTIN, most basic price monitoring systems can match items. Even though, you’ll usually want a solution to match comparable or identical goods together, as well as to deal with faulty or unavailable product IDs.

Data Processing

Unlike other web scraping tools, price monitoring software is helpful as the information it gives and the actions it encourages. Collecting billions of data points on millions of goods across thousands of websites has several drawbacks. These strong capabilities might backfire if the data gathering is incorrect, resulting in price errors due to a poorly built system.

How Price Monitoring is Used Successfully?

To compete in today’s market, you need to know what your competitors are charging. You can decide to equal, exceed, or undercut your competitors’ prices based on your entire business plan by monitoring their prices. In actuality, corporations typically use a sophisticated methodology that differs depending on the product type or popularity.

Price monitoring and competitive pricing strategy remind of companies engaged in a price war and deteriorating margins across the world. It is not only necessary to get the cheapest, but also maintain competition on necessary product offerings. For example, when you know your customer service and delivery approach is far superior to your competitors’, you can opt to charge 10% more on average. Whatever your competitive plan is, you’ll need trustworthy and accurate data to guarantee that it can be implemented, measured, and modified over time.

By utilizing a price monitoring tool to activate a competitive pricing strategy, you will get an idea about the latest trends of the market which will assist you to make necessary decisions that will help you achieve commercial targets.

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